The Property Twins Group is ranked in the top 1% in the fraser valley.

But how did they get here?

As kids, they figured out that whenever they worked together they could double the outcome, be it mowing lawns, painting fences, or shovelling snow. Some might call it child labour; their dad called it “instilling character.” Regardless, it helped them understand how much work goes into maintaining a home. On their 15th birthday, their dad surprised them with what they’d always wanted…SIN numbers. Thaaaaanks? With those in hand, Chris jumped into sales and marketing, and Jamie entered the first of 15 years in the service industry.

Back to the Future

Their families live a few blocks from the house in Langley where they grew up, and they just moved their grandmother to be closer to them and her great grandson. Jamie and his wife Angela are nearly finished updating their little rancher in the Newlands area. They have a three-year-old son named Iver and an Australian Shepherd named Archie. Chris and his wife Hayley share a house with their Bernese Mountain Dog, Theo, in the Brookswood area. Keyword: share. If you’ve ever had a drooling Bernese Mountain Dog on your lap, you understand.  

Success is not only finding the right home but also creating a connection with their clients along the way. As their network has grown, so has their team with the addition of Matt and Paul.

Together, they are the Property Twins Group. Making real estate, well…about being real, and real-ly fun.

Jamie Ruscheinski

(as explained by Chris)

If Jamie was a character in The Outsiders, he would be Darry. If he was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, he would be Leonardo. If he was a Power Ranger, he would be the Red Ranger. His claim to fame is that he knows every episode of Paw Patrol and he might just be able to out “Dad joke” Phil Dunphy. Beyond being my twin brother, he is my business partner and my best friend.

Chris Ruscheinski

(as explained by Matt)

The fun twin. He’s the Fresh Prince to Jamie’s Carlton and the Chris Farley to Jamie’s David Spade (even though he hates that reference). His gorgeous wife Hayley deserves a medal for her patience. Has their big goofy, sweet Bernese Man Dog named Theo been mentioned yet? Oh, above? Right, the drooling thing…

Chris has been a realtor for two years and is the driving creative force behind the business. He lights up every room he walks into, and is the first call you’d make from jail because he would move heaven and earth to help a friend.

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