Bunk Beds and Nintendo

At a very young age, we figured out that whenever we worked together, we would double the outcome. As kids, we would always begin negotiations with our mom (she would cave first) then, with her support, flip the pressure on our Dad until we had our way. Whether it was being allowed to stay up late or having pancakes for dinner, we earned it together.

A Trip in the Delorean

Our dad always had us searching for cash jobs around the neighbourhood (mowing lawns, painting fences, and shovelling snow) until we were old enough to get real jobs. Some may call it child labour; Dad called it instilling character. Whatever it was, it helped us understand how much work went into maintaining a home. On our 15th birthday, he surprised us with what we’ve always wanted… SIN numbers. Thanks Dad. With those in hand, Chris jumped into sales and marketing and Jamie entered the first of 15 years in the service industry.

Back to the Future

Jamie and his wife Angela are almost finished updating their little rancher in the Newlands area. They have a three-year-old son named Iver, who has the amazing ability to transform into a ferocious T-Rex whenever his Uncle Chris arrives. Their Aussie Shepard (Archie) enjoys the chaos that only a toddler can bring. Chris and Hayley live in a house in the Brookswood area of Langley that they share with their Bernese Mountain dog (Theo). If you’ve ever had a drooling Bernese Mountain dog sit on your lap, you’d understand why we used the term “share.” Our families live only a few blocks from the house we grew up in, and we just moved our grandmother out to Langley to be closer to our family and her great-grandson.

Skills & Services

Jamie has always worked in customer service, but had a passion for real estate investment. In 2012, he left a career in the public sector and went all-in on real estate, joining Prudential Power Play Realty, where he quickly won the award for Rookie of the Year. By 2015, he had become the top realtor at that office, and in every year since has been a member of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board Medallion Club—an award given to the Top 10% of Realtors. In 2015, he moved to Royal LePage Wolstencroft.

After six successful years in sales and marketing management with Red Bull Canada, Chris joined Jamie in real estate in 2016. As our network of clients has grown, so has our team. Within the past couple of years, we’ve added Matt and Paul to expand our level and scope of service. We are thrilled that last year The Property Twins Group ranked in the Top 1% of the Fraser Valley for the amount of homes sold.

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