First impressions make a difference when it comes to selling your home. Here are some inexpensive ways to improve your home’s value.

Tip 1. Appeal

A home should appeal to both sexes. Guys--time to take down your “Dogs Playing Poker” or your framed poster of “The Godfather” movie.


Tip 2. Scrub

All showers and tubs should get the best scrubbing they have ever had. Don’t forget to wipe down the shower doors and glass. You want it to feel like you just stepped into a hotel bathroom.


Tip 3. Declutter

Then declutter some more! Leave the kitchen countertops almost bare, remove the pictures, magnets and kids drawings from the fridge.


Tip 4. Pack Up

Closets tend to look much smaller when they are stuffed full. Get a head start on packing and box up all non-essential clothes and other items.


Tip 5. Paint

It’s the most inexpensive way to make your home feel fresh to a potential buyer. Stick to neutral colours to ensure it is appealing to all buyers.

Tip 6. Make a grand entrance

Clean the front entryway, weed the garden bed and cut the lawn. Throw a friendly welcome mat down and make your home as inviting as possible.


Tip 7. Pets

We love your pets. Unfortunately not all buyers do. Give your furry friends bedroom an extra thorough cleaning and plug in an air freshener. Taking the dog for a walk during showings is a great idea, as some cultures are terrified of dogs, big and small.


Tip 8. Scale back on your furniture

A packed room makes it look smaller and less valuable.


Tip 9. Lighting

Turn every light in your house on, even in the middle of the day. Trust us on this, you want your home to show as bright as possible!


Tip 10. Set the scene

Lay logs in the fireplace, set your dining room table with dishes and create a centerpiece full of fresh fruit or flowers. Make the bathrooms feel luxurious by adding a new shower curtain, towels and fancy guest soaps (after you put all of your personal toiletry items out of sight)



First impressions make a difference when it comes to selling your home. Most buyers form an opinion about whether they like a house or not before they set foot in the front door. Improving the exterior of a property may not be as exciting as trying to figure out what to do with the kitchen, but in many ways it is more important. At first glance, you want your property to have a WOW factor.


Here are some inexpensive ways to improve curb appeal:

  1. Check the roof - Is there moss growing on it? Is it covered in leaves?

  2. Is the house in need of a powerwash or perhaps some touch up paint?

  3. Are the gutters backed up and overflowing?

  4. Does the front door need some paint or updated hardware?

  5. Does the driveway have cracks or any other noticeable flaws? Remove stains and pull weeds.

  6. Does the fence look worn and dated? A little stain or paint goes a long way.

  7. Is the deck in good shape? Does it need some stain or paint? Is it staged and ready to show?

  8. Does the shed need some TLC? Spend a couple hours organizing and purging any unwanted items, as it will show much larger.

  9. Is the lawn cut and weeds pulled from the garden beds?

  10. Does the hedge need a little trimming?

  11. Are there any burnt out bulbs in your exterior light fixtures?