I have another confession…

Coming from a very innovative, forward-thinking marketing company, I get frustrated when I see a home being poorly marketed. I know it’s most likely their largest asset, and I also know the likely reasons they won’t get top dollar for it:

1. The Realtor is being cheap.

2. The Realtor has zero experience in marketing. 

3. The Realtor only does the bare minimum.

4. The Realtor doesn’t care.

We take pride in our work, and care about our clients – treating each one of their homes as its own projects.


How Do We Market Your Home?

We build a specific digital marketing campaign for each and every home we list. 

We target our audience, measure results along the way, and adjust the campaign accordingly to maximize the results.

We target our demographic based on the style of your home and neighbourhood.

We hire professional photographers (because EVERY REALTOR SHOULD!) We also have some little tricks up our sleeve that make our listings stand out over the competition. We will share these when we sit down to discuss marketing your home. 

Our business is made up mostly from referrals. Our clients are happy with our services and refer us to their friends and family.